Louis CK and Asparagus Pee…….


There is something so awesome about hearing someone say to you ‘Wow, you really are losing a lot of weight.  You look great.’  I don’t think that I’ll ever get over it.  It really helps carry me through a day.  While that’s wonderful, that’s also a shame isn’t it?  I mean shouldn’t I be able to just be proud of myself and not need validation from someone else?  Of course, I think I’m being a little overly dramatic.  I am proud of myself and this journey that I’ve decided to take but a little freaking validation along the way is awfully nice.

Last night I was lucky enough to get to go see Louis CK live in Hartford, Ct.  He was incredible, sold out just about every seat for both of his shows.  I’m always fascinated by the power of one man with a microphone.  That so many people will show up to listen to one person speak is just incredible to me.  I can’t even imagine what that would feel like.  Of course, each of his stories were very well crafted, some of which have appeared on his comedy albums.  The audience was rolling the whole time.  And on a personal note, I did a great job of timing it and parking.  We showed up just as the first show was getting out, we slid into a great parking spot and then we got out of the show in perfect timing to get on the highway.  Even though it was a long night it was totally worth it.

Yesterday for food I ate my normal breakfast eggs, avocado, potatoes etc.  Then for lunch I just kind of snacked on a banana, pistachios and a pear.  For dinner, before the show, I roasted a chicken, some acorn squash and cooked some asparagus.  On a random topic, I hate asparagus pee.  I was standing in the bathroom of the theatre, there were so many people there that men had to wait in line.  I went up to the stall to pee and instantly remembered that I had asparagus for dinner.  Yucky.

I’ll leave you with that!  Have a great day everyone!

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