Food and Life, in no particular order

Not bad for a day one, after tons of temptations. I took pictures of everything, except some gooey, soft, delicious brownies a friend brought over. It’s a snow day so I finally bought the movie Frozen and watched it with some friends. We had popcorn,…

Day 1



Hey, it’s been awhile!  I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on a new Facebook page called ‘Question of the Day.‘  You should like it if you haven’t, cause it’s fun!  I ask a question every day, it can be fun, or serious but the…

Try something for 30 days…….

You all know how I feel about breakfast, right? It’s probably the one thing I post the most about. Well, I think I may have found my new favorite breakfast. Eggs baked in avocado. I’ve been seeing this recipes all over the place, it’s an…

Breakfast and a shower, eggs baked in avocados.



A week or so ago I was traveling to and from Flagstaff, Az to support my sister in an epic bike ride. I’ve been through Flagstaff before, a good friend predicted my demise on Route 66 just outside of Flagstaff, actually. That didn’t happen, if…

Save yourself……..


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